What is TM used for?

Everyone has seen the trademark copyright symbols TM, (C) and (R) many times. Unfortunately, very few people know exactly what is behind them and in which countries they apply. The meaning is very different in its effects and in the spatial sphere of influence.

Get the meaning of TM right

  • According to abbreviationfinder, the abbreviation “TM” includes the meaning “Trademark” when written out.
  • Basically, this abbreviation is used to indicate that a word, character or logo has trademark protection from the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office). That means there is a pending case.
  • Please note that this abbreviation is only used temporarily, i.e. for a limited period of time.
  • Anyone who sees the trademark knows immediately that trademark protection proceedings are already under way.
  • If this sign, word or logo is then entered, the sign “(R)” is used instead of the abbreviation. Again, this is short for Registered in the US Patent and Trademark Office. All brands that have been registered by the owner receive this suffix. The owner can claim damages from someone who uses this protected name without authorization.
  • Both characters have a protective purpose and are mainly used in the USA. However, they can also apply beyond the USA if the trademark has greater priority there. In principle, you cannot have a trademark protected in the USA whose scope of protection is, for example,Germany This can be attributed to the fact that the US has not yet signed any international treaties or those that they have decided on are still awaiting ratification.

TM and the other copyright symbols separately

  • In addition to the common abbreviations “TM” and “(R)”, you will often read “(C)”.
  • This is the abbreviation for copyright and does not require registration, which is how it unfolds its meaning.
  • In the USA, the author alone decides whether or not to use this mark in his intellectual work.
  • If he decides to use this sign, he is obliged to submit a copy to the Copyright Office within three months.
  • All three signs have in common that they are not used in Germany, but only have legal effect in the USA.

What is TM used for