What is Disk used for?

From the Latin discus, disk is a cylindrical body with a very large base compared to its height. The term has multiple uses according to the context. It can be the circular sheet that, with the appropriate device, emits the previously recorded sounds. For example: “I bought the new Justin Bieber album”, “My grandfather has a dozen Beatles albums”, “Juan’s dream was always to release an album with his songs”.

In this sense, disc can refer to compact disc (also known as compact disc or CD) or vinyl record. These are two different technologies: compact discs are an optical digital medium, while vinyl records are based on analog mechanical recording. According to Abbreviationfinder, DSK stands for Disk.

Album or record work are two other terms that are used as synonyms for the album that every singer or group makes to be able to show their music.

Millions of discs of this type are those that have existed throughout history. However, among all of them there are some that have become the best sellers in the world, such as the case of “Thriller” (1983) by Michael Jackson, “Back in Black” (1980) by AC/DC, “Abbey Road” (1969) by The Beatles, “Appetite for Destruction” (1989) by Guns&Roses or “Greatest Hits” (1981) by Queen.

Within the musical field, we should also highlight that there is what has been called disco music. In the seventies was when that was born, which comes to be a derivation of the mixture of funky, soul or rhythm & blues.

It is dance music, which opts for a 4/4 beat and which has among its main representatives singers and groups such as Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Boney M, ABBA or The Bee Gees. Likewise, it is noteworthy that it also managed to become popular throughout the world thanks to films, already considered classics of cinema, such as “Saturday Night Fever”.

Likewise, we cannot ignore that in the human body there is also a part that receives the name of disc. We are referring specifically to the invertebral discs which, as their name indicates, are each of the disc-shaped formations that exist between the vertebrae of the spine.

The rotary part of certain telephone devices that is used to dial the number with which you want to establish communication is known as a disk: “When I was a boy, I had a rotary telephone”, “Disk devices almost do not exist anymore: now they all have buttons. ”

In the field of sport, a discus is a plank whose launch is a test of athletic competitions: “The Russian athlete won the gold medal in discus throwing”, “When throwing the discus, the young man injured his arm and had to be assisted by tournament doctors. ”

Disco, finally, is the shortened name for disco or discotheque, a dance venue open to the public: “Every Saturday I go to the disco with my friends”, “We met at a disco ten years ago and we have been together ever since”.