What is Dimension used for?

The concept of dimension can be used in different ways. The term, when it comes from the old French cote, refers to the clothing used by the kings in their public actions or to the body protection made of leather and iron.

According to abbreviationfinder.org, the chainmail, in this sense, was armor made up of rings of iron, steel, or bronze that interlock in a pattern. The origin of these coats of mail, also called jacerine coats, is found in the Celtic peoples, who began to manufacture them in the 5th century BC

This kind of tunic or shirt, called mail, had a length that usually reached below the waist. The most used pattern to assemble them consisted of each ring being linked with four others, although there were several. There was also the so-called mesh coif, a kind of hood made in the same way that was generally used to complement the helmet or replace the helmet.

It is important to highlight the great resistance of chain mail, as well as the flexibility it offered to soldiers on the battlefield and during long journeys on horseback. Older versions of armor consisted of few rigid pieces, weighing much more and allowing much less mobility. In addition to these functional advantages, we must not overlook the fact that it was much cheaper to manufacture than the previous ones, since it required less metal per unit.

Although it is believed that the Celtic peoples created it, in the Koran there are certain indications that the first person to have used this type of protection was King David. Its use extended until the 16th century.

If, on the other hand, cota derives from the Latin quota, it can refer to a quota (a proportional part or an amount that must be paid), to a level or to a height. For example: “It is expected that, during the weekend, the snow level will drop to 300 meters of altitude”, “The level of the dam must increase so that the neighbors do not suffer a significant decrease in the water supply”, “The Central Bank analyzes modifying the rate of the currency”.

It is called elevation to the altitude that reaches a point located in a horizontal plane, which is used as a reference. In a technical drawing, dimensioning or dimension line is the representation of certain characteristics of an object (dimensions, distances, etc.).

In the field of algorithm analysis, the function that is used as the upper bound of another if the argument tends to infinity is known as the asymptotic upper bound. It is usually expressed as O(g(x)), according to Landau’s notation (created specifically for function comparison such that the asymptotic lower, asymptotic upper, and asymptotic fitted bounds are noted).

This formula is read «Order of g(x)», and we can say that it is a function belonging to this order when a positive constant represents the point that it is not possible to exceed with any variable of the same. The function is always below g, except when it is given the constant factor as its value.

In Colombia, on the other hand, there is a municipality called Cota. It is part of the department of Cundinamarca and has a population of about 25,000 inhabitants. In Portugal, Cota is the name of a parish that belongs to the district of Viseu.

Regarding the term freguesia, it is worth mentioning that it is the name given to the administrative organizations belonging to a municipality, for example, in the so-called Lusophone countries (those in which the official language is Portuguese). Other forms by which the freguesia is known (in addition to its version with an accent on the I, freguesía), are pedanía, parish, neighborhood and district.