What is Delight used for?

The first thing we are going to do is carry out the determination of the etymological origin of the term delight that now concerns us. Specifically, we would have to state that it is a word that comes from Provençal, which was the language used by troubadours during the Middle Ages. In turn, it should be made clear that it emanates specifically from the Latin verb “delectare”, which can be translated as “seduce or give pleasure”.

Delight comes from the verb delight and is linked to a pleasure of mind. That which produces delight generates satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure or happiness. For example: “Coming to eat at this restaurant is a delight”, “Nothing causes me more delight than sitting down to read by the sea”, “The concert was a delight for all the attendees”.

Delight is also associated with sensual pleasure (related to sensations of the senses). That is why the concept is often used in relation to food, art or sexuality, among other issues that may involve pleasure through one of the five senses.

Delight is usually associated with the pleasure generated by certain foods.

Delight in meals

The delight in meals appears related to banquets where food of all kinds abounds and a festive atmosphere is experienced. However, delight can also be associated with tasting certain exclusive flavors (which appear in the context of gourmet or delicatessen): “I indulged in delight at the Holidays and now I gained three kilos”, “If I want to lose weight, I must avoid the delight that pasta and sweets produce in me.

Precisely within the culinary field, this term becomes so important that there are companies that use it to name themselves. Thus, for example, we find Deleites del Sur, which is a Sevillian distributor of delicacies as exquisite as Iberian ham and the rest of cured meats obtained from pork.

Being in front of the sea is a situation that usually provokes delight.

The concept in art and sexuality

As for art, delight can come through a painting (through the sense of sight), a song (through the sense of hearing), etc.: “Have you ever listened to Mozart with your eyes closed in a calm environment? That, my son, is an incomparable delight”, “Touring the Louvre museum is a delight for anyone, regardless of what they understand about art”.

Regarding sexuality, delight is linked to the climax and enjoyment of the body.

Hence, when talking about this type of delight, reference is made, for example, to the sexual positions that men and women prefer when having their love encounters because they give them more pleasure than others.

Moon revel

In addition to all of the above, we cannot ignore the existence of what has been called lunar delight. It is an important term within the world of video games and more specifically the one that bears the title “League of Legends”.

It is a word that is used to refer to a period where vital battles take place involving characters such as Riven Dragon Blade, Diana the Goddess of the Moon or Tryndamere Warring Kingdoms.