What is Contribute used for?

The word contribute comes from the Latin term contribuĕre. According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), it is about helping and concurring with others to achieve a certain goal. The concept also refers to the voluntary contribution of an amount of money or other material help.

To contribute is, on the other hand, to give or pay the quota that a person has for a tax or distribution.

According to abbreviationfinder.org, the action of contributing can consist of cooperating or helping.

The payment of a tribute

In this way, in Spain, for example, the citizens of the different cities and municipalities have to face the payment of some invoices that are called the contribution and that refer to what their homes and real estate are.

In the field of tax law, the contribution is a type of tax whose tax arises when the taxpayer (receiving citizen) obtains a benefit or an increase in the value of their assets as a result of the realization of public works or the expansion of public services.

This occurs when the government indirectly benefits only a certain sector of society. Therefore, it requires special contributions from these individuals. Contributions can be established at the state, regional or local level.

Many people work voluntarily to contribute to the progress of poor sectors.

Other uses of the verb contribute

In the same way, we cannot forget that contributing is a verb that has been used, especially in the past, to refer to the action carried out by a person who attributed to another a series of qualities or characteristics that differentiated them. in any sense.

The verb contribute can be used as a synonym for helping, assisting, favoring, assisting, supporting and helping, for example.

All this set of synonyms also lead us to establish that among the antonyms that the word that concerns us now has are the verbs exempt, prevent, receive, truncate or postulate. Without overlooking others such as starting or inhibiting.

Help or assistance

It is said that a person contributes to another when he lends his collaboration or help. In this way, the person who contributes is assisting the person who receives the help so that he or she can satisfy a need or achieve a certain goal.

“By contributing an important sum of money, Mr. Gómez made it possible for the hospital’s remodeling works to be successfully completed” and “López contributed twenty-eight points for the victory of his team” are two examples of the use of this verb.

The NGO Contribute

In addition to all of the above, we cannot ignore the existence of an NGO whose name is precisely Contribute. It is an organization that works in the field of local development, specifically what it does is carry out its functions within the design and implementation of programs that pursue local productive development.

This entity is native to Argentina, with offices in Buenos Aires and Córdoba, which was launched more than a decade ago with the clear mission of putting the service of its professionals at the service of all those communities that want to improve and grow. To do this, they help them detect problems, establish potentialities and subsequently create projects to achieve said growth.