Utah (English: Utah) is a state in the west of the USA.


The state is located in the Rocky Mountains. It borders the states of Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho.

The terrain is mostly mountainous. The main mountains are Wasatch and Yuinta. The highest point is King’s Peak (4123 m). In the east of the state is the Colorado Plateau, and in the west – the Great Basin.

The main river is the Colorado with tributaries Green River and San Juan. In southern Utah is the Great Salt Lake , the largest in the western United States. Other lakes: Powell, Sevir.

About 30% of Utah’s land area is covered by forests, about half of which is federally owned. Cutting is prohibited in most of the forests.

Utah is characterized by a continental, arid climate. Rainfall is the lowest in the United States.

The capital of the state is Salt Lake City. Other large cities are Ogden and Provo.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City
City in the United States
State Utah
County Salt Lake County
Coordinates 40°45’0″N, 111°53’0″WL
Surface 285.9 km²
– country 282.6 km²
– water 3.3 km²
(April 1, 2020)
(707 inhabitant/km²)
Mayor Erin Mendenhall (D)
Website slc.gov

According to COUNTRYAAH, Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah, one of the states of the United States of America. In the Bos’ School Atlas of the Whole Earth from 1877, the place is still called Grote Zoutmeerstad. Salt Lake City was also called Great Salt Lake City in English at that time.

According to the 2000 census, the population of Salt Lake City was 181,743 (up from 159,936 in 1990). In 2013, the population was estimated at 191,180. The population of the entire agglomeration is more than 1 million.


Salt Lake City was founded on July 24, 1847 by 143 men, 3 women, and 2 children. The settlement was established on the east coast of the Great Salt Lake (the Great Salt Lake). The first Europeans to settle in the area now known as Utah were Mormon pioneers who tried to escape religious persecution. On that morning, Brigham Young, who led the Mormon group after the death of their leader Joseph Smith Jr., spoke the words, “This is the place.” He referred to a vision he allegedly had that told him where to settle the Mormons.

With the arrival of railway workers and miners, other denominations also came to the city. Salt Lake City has been the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese since 1891.

Salt Lake City is now not only the capital, but has also grown into the largest city in Utah. The city itself has a rectangular street system with most streets running exactly from north to south, or from east to west. The starting point of the street system is the southeast corner of Temple Square, site of the Salt Lake City Temple of the Mormons. The addresses are the coordinates in this system.


The 2002 Winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City.

The Utah Olympic Oval ice rink was built for these Winter Games. Due to its high location above sea level, this ice rink has since been regarded as the fastest in the world. Many world records have been skated. Salt Lake City hosted the World Sprint Championships in 2005 and 2013 with this ice rink. The World Single Distance Championships were hosted there in 2001, 2007 and 2020.

Salt Lake City is home to the Utah Jazz of the NBA (National Basketball Association). In addition, Real Salt Lake football club plays in Major League Soccer.


The city is located in a large valley, the Salt Lake Valley. From the city, ski areas in the mountains can be reached within half an hour. Thanks to its proximity to these snow areas, the city has a reputation for having the best snow on the planet. East and south of Salt Lake City are several forest areas such as Wasatch-Cache National Forest, Asley National Forest, Uinta National Forest, Manti-la Sal National Forest, Fishlake National Forest, and Dixie National Forest.

The city has a total area of ​​285.9 km², of which 3.3 km² is water.


In January the average temperature is -2.3 °C, in July it is 25.5 °C. An average of 411.0 mm of precipitation falls annually (data based on the measurement period 1961-1990).

Despite the location of Salt Lake City in (on the edge of) the semi-desert of the Great Basin, the city still has a relatively high rainfall. With an annual rainfall of 410 mm, it is one of the wettest areas in the Great Basin desert. The city’s climate is characterized as a warm continental climate with precipitation throughout the year (Köppen Dfa). Summers are hot and winters are cool to cold with snowfall. However, due to the relatively dry summers, the climate is also close to the Mediterranean continental climate (Dsa) and in the lower parts of the agglomeration, where the winters are warmer, the climate is close to a warm Mediterranean climate(Csa) (depending on the boundary between temperate C climate and continental D climate).

The large salt lake northwest of the city has a moderating effect on winter weather in the city. The temperature rarely falls below -20 °C. The summer also has a moderate character due to the salt lake, as well as the fact that the city is located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. Every year there are a few days with temperatures above 37 °C. However, these days are not unbearable because the humidity in this arid environment is particularly low. Snow showers can fall from November to March, but these showers rarely exceed 12 inches (30 cm) of snow in the valley. Nearby places (in the mountains) often get multiples of that. There is a rainy season from July to September. That brings occasional heavy thunderstorms. However, July is the driest month of the year. Most precipitation falls in the months of March to May.


11% of the population is older than 65 and 33.2% consists of single -person households. Unemployment is 3.5% (census figures 2000).

About 18.8% of Salt Lake City’s population is Hispanic (originally Hispanic Americans), 1.9% of African origin, and 3.6% of Asian origin.

The population has increased from 159,952 in 1990 to 181,743 in 2000 and to 191,180 in 2013.

Boroughs of Salt Lake City

  • Avenues
  • Capitol Hill
  • Central City
  • Downtown – city center
  • East Bench
  • fair park
  • Federal Heights
  • Glendale
  • Poplar Grove
  • Rose Park
  • Sugar House
  • 9th & 9th

Sights and Buildings in and around Salt Lake City [ edit | edit source text ]

Parks & Other Places

  • Temple Square – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Main Street Plaza
  • Hogle Zoo
  • University of Utah
  • Red Butte Garden and Arboretum
  • Salt Lake City Cemetery
  • Gilgal Sculpture Garden
  • Liberty Park
  • Memory Grove
  • Sugar House Park
  • International Peace Gardens
  • Utah Museum of Natural History

Olympic Attractions

  • Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Cauldron Park – at Rice-Eccles Stadium
  • Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Legacy Plaza – in the Gateway District
  • Utah Olympic Oval

Religious Buildings

Salt Lake City Temple


  • Salt Lake City Temple at Temple Square
  • Salt Lake Tabernacle
  • Salt Lake Assembly Hall at Temple Square
  • Salt Lake Conference Center
  • Joseph Smith Memorial Building
  • LDS Church Office Building
  • Lion House (former home of Brigham Young)
  • Beehive House
  • 19th Ward Chapel


  • Cathedral of the Madeleine (Roman Catholic)
  • St. Mark’s Cathedral
  • First Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake
  • White Memorial Chapel
  • Community of Christ

Government Buildings

  • Utah State Capitol
  • Salt Lake City and County Building
  • Scott Matheson Courthouse
  • Frank E. Moss Courthouse
  • Thomas Kearns Home
  • Salt Lake City Council Hall at Capitol Hill

Education/Arts & Culture

  • Park Building
  • J. Willard Marriott Library
  • Utah Museum of Fine Arts
  • Salt Lake City Public Library
  • Family History Library
  • Abravanel Hall
  • Capitol Theater
  • Simmons Pioneer Memorial Theatre
  • Clark Planetarium
  • Hansen Planetarium
  • Utah Museum of Natural History
  • Clift Building


  • Kearns Building
  • Crossroads Mall
  • EnergySolutions Arena
  • Deseret News Building
  • First Security Building
  • Gateway Mall
  • Jon M. Huntsman Center
  • One Utah Center
  • Rio Tinto Stadium
  • Salt Lake City Union Pacific Depot
  • Salt Lake City International Airport
  • Salt Lake Regional Medical Center
  • Salt Palace
  • Tribune Building
  • Wells Fargo Center
  • ZCMI Center Mall


  • Brigham Young Monument
  • Eagle Gate
  • Seagull Monument
  • This Is The Place Monument


Events include Pioneer Day on July 24, the Sundance Film Festival, and the Salt Lake City Marathon.

Traffic and transport

Public transportation is provided by Utah Transit Authority (UTA). Salt Lake City Light Rail has also been in existence since 1999. There are two major highways to Salt Lake City, Interstate 15 in addition to Interstate 80. Salt Lake City International Airport is located approximately 6 km west of downtown.

Nearby places

The figure below shows nearby places within a 12 km radius of Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City

Canyon Rim (8 km)

East Mill Creek (10 km)

Mill Creek (8 km)

Mount Olympus (12 km)

Murray (11 miles)

North Salt Lake (10 km)

South Salt Lake (3 miles)

Taylorsville (12 km)

West Valley City (11 km)

Born in Salt Lake City

  • Frank Borzage (1894-1962), film director
  • Lee Barnes (1906-1970), athlete
  • Paul Langton (1913-1980), actor
  • Loretta Young (1913-2000), actress
  • Parley Baer (1914–2002), actor and radio DJ
  • Shep Houghton (1914-2016), actor
  • Art Lund (1915-1990), actor and singer
  • Robert Walker (1918-1951), actor
  • Keene Curtis (1923-2002), actor
  • Stephen Covey (1932-2012), author
  • Bob Bennett (1933–2016), politician
  • Wilford Brimley (1934-2020), actor
  • Sky Saxon (1937-2009), singer
  • Paul McCarthy (1945), sculptor, installation and performance artist
  • Gary Ridgway (1949), serial killer
  • Kim Peek (1951-2009), autistic savant
  • Roseanne Barr (1952), comedienne, actress and politician
  • Tracy Hickman (1955), writer
  • Charles Mason (1955), composer and music educator
  • Valerie Valentine (1955), dancer
  • Tony Anselmo (1960), Disney animator and voice actor (voice of Donald Duck)
  • Marty Jemison (1965), cyclist
  • Jon Schmidt (1966), composer and pianist
  • Matthew Davis (1978), actor
  • David Zabriskie (1979), cyclist
  • Patrick Fugit (1982), actor
  • Lindsay Pulsipher (1982), actress
  • Kikkan Randall (1982), cross-country skier
  • Kaycee Stroh (1984), actress, singer and dancer
  • Derek Hough (1985), actor, dancer, choreographer, musician
  • Rosie Brennan (1988), cross-country skier
  • Madison Riley (1990), actress
  • Sarah Hendrickson (1994), ski jumper
  • Nathan Chen (1999), figure skater

Salt Lake City, Utah