National University of Entre Rios (Argentina)

National University of Entre Rios. Public institution of Argentina. It was founded on May 10, 1973, it also has offices in 5 cities, all in the same province.

Historical review

The National University of Entre Ríos was created by Law No. 20,366, May 10, 1973 and consisted of the agglutination, under the same rectory, of a series of pre-existing academic units that depended on various jurisdictions (Universidad del Litoral, Universidad Católica Argentina) plus others that were created jointly with the University.

It was one of the sixteen universities created between May 1971 and May 1973 by the then de facto Government of General Lanusse, who assumed the ideas of the Taquini Plan. In the conscience of the institutional actors, the creation of the National University of Entre Ríos occurred as a result of a historical and vindictive demand of the population of the province, given the numerous antecedents and initiatives previously promoted for the crystallization of this objective.

In the brief democratic period since 1973, Dr. Marsiglia was designated as Normalizing Rector. In its administration, the definitions that began the operation of the University as such were taken: the location of the Rector’s Office and the formal incorporation of the academic units from the UNL Faculty of Educational Sciences, the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, School of Technicians in Food and School of Administration Sciences.

Faculty Incorporation

In 1976, the Faculty of Economic Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering, both dependent on the Universidad Católica Argentina and the Escuela Superior de Bromatología, joined UNER.

Faculty Creation

On August 23, 1986, the University Assembly approved the creation of the Bromatology Faculty, the Health Sciences Faculty and the Social Service Faculty (Res. AU No. 4/86 08/23/1986) based on schools or institutes dedicated to the same subjects.

Faculties and academic venues

The National University of Entre Ríos consists of six academic venues:

  • Headquarters Concepción del Uruguay
    • rectory
    • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Headquarters Parana
    • Faculty of Education Sciences
    • School of Economics
    • Faculty of Social Work
  • Green Gold Headquarters
    • Faculty of agricultural sciences
    • Faculty of Engineering
  • Concordia Headquarters
    • Faculty of Administration Sciences
    • Faculty of Food Sciences
  • Gualeguaychú Headquarters
    • Faculty of Bromatology
  • Headquarters Villaguay

Science and technique

The Secretariat of Science and Technology has as its mission: to promote and coordinate scientific research and technological development within the scope of the UNER, the generation of knowledge and scientific and technological progress in the region and the country, trying to maintain a correct articulation between teaching, research and extension that make possible the training of HR with excellence and relevance.

National University of Entre Rios