Mirissa, Sri Lanka

The small fishing village of Mirissa is one of the coziest and yet not overcrowded corners of Sri Lanka. Perhaps that is why the resort, located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, is so loved by surfers and fans of a calm, secluded holiday surrounded by stunning nature. For Sri Lanka climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

There are practically no historical sights in Mirissa, but there are clean, deserted beaches, beautiful cliffs, fresh breeze and an atmosphere for which travelers from all over the world come here. It is especially comfortable and deserted here at the end of the tourist season.

How to get to Mirissa

It is convenient to get to Mirissa through the main airport Colombo. In the high season, Rossiya Airlines has direct flights from Moscow to Colombo, travel time is about 9 hours, a round-trip ticket costs 650 USD. Also, less expensive, regular, connecting flights by Emirates, Flydubai, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, etc. fly from the capital and St. Petersburg with a connection in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dubai or Sharjah. The most flight (Flydubai with a transfer in Dubai) lasts 14 hours.

At the airport, you need to take bus number 187, which goes to the railway station, and from there go to Mirissa by train. He walks three times a day and spends about 3.5 hours on the road. Tickets cost from 120 to 400 LKR; for those who prefer at least relative comfort, it is better to take first class.

Also from Colombo to Mirissa you can take buses to Matara. They leave from the bus station located next to the railway station. Travel time – 4-5 hours, ticket price – 250-500 LKR.

Taxis can be called directly to the airport, for a 4-hour trip they will ask about 15,000 LKR.


For a comfortable stay in Mirissa, tourists do not need transport: the village is tiny, it is easy to walk to any point. Passing buses can take you to the neighboring towns of Matara and Weligama. The resort also offers bike and car rentals, including those with a driver.

Mirissa Hotels

Despite the modest size of the village, there are many hotels here – from very simple to luxurious, but you need to book in advance, as there are many who want to visit the best beaches of Sri Lanka in the high season.

The most budget accommodation option is rooms in guesthouses and villas. A night in them will cost 1200 LKR for two, the conditions in most cases are more than modest, maybe air conditioning and hot water. A place in a decent hostel costs 1500 LKR, and accommodation in a “three-ruble note” costs 5000 LKR for two. In expensive hotels with excellent service for a double room they will charge from 25,000 LKR.

When choosing a hotel, you need to pay attention to the amenities and conditions in the rooms – they can vary significantly even in accommodation of a similar level.


Mirissa Beach is the main beach of the village: golden sand, palm trees leaning over the water, many cafes offering a free sunbed for ordering a drink. In the evenings, tables are set up right by the sea, you can dine to the sound of the surf. This place often has high waves, which pleases surfers. Boards are rented right on the shore, they also conduct training for beginners.

The beach is often called a local bounty, but there is no snow-white sand, as in advertising.

To the east of the rock “Parrot” there is a small section of the coast, which is great for families with children, there is calm water and pleasant fine sand.

There are sea urchins everywhere on the coast!

Cuisine and restaurants of Mirissa

In Mirissa, travelers can try the local cuisine, especially in small, home-style cafes where the owners greet guests, usually at tables in their yard. Lunch for two in such an institution will cost 1000 LKR, and the quality of food and service are excellent.

There are also traditional restaurants, including those with European cuisine, they are more familiar and more expensive – you will have to pay about 3000 LKR for a dinner for two. Street food is popular – in small eateries they cook right in front of the client, you can eat for a couple of hundred rupees.

Of the local dishes, roti, flatbreads with various fillings, rice and curry, as well as original desserts, deserve special attention.


Since Mirissa is a tiny village, there are practically no cultural or historical attractions here. But you can see a lot of natural beauty.

One of the most striking and memorable objects is the rock “Parrot”. This is a small island with perky vegetation on top, reminiscent of a parrot’s tuft. You can wade up to the rock along the sandy spit and even climb up the stairs, this is worth doing, as there is an excellent view of the resort from the top.

There are sea urchins around the “Parrot”, so you need to wear special shoes.

A popular entertainment for vacationers is the opportunity to see whales. In the mornings, boats depart from the pier near the village, the main purpose of which is the whales! Majestic animals can usually be found from December to April. The walk costs about 5000 LKR and lasts one day.

Those who want to get acquainted with the local culture should go to the Buddhist temple, which stands on a hill above the village. Beautiful architecture, peaceful atmosphere and a great view of the village.


The best time to travel to Mirissa is from December to March, when the weather is dry, warm, but not too hot. By April, the heat reaches its maximum, and at the end of the month heavy rains begin, which last almost until the end of autumn. The tourist season starts in November.

Mirissa, Sri Lanka