Meaning of Wild Animal

Living beings that have their own mobility and that are part of the Animalia kingdom are called animals. Within this immense group are the members of the Homo sapiens species, that is, human beings. Therefore, to draw a differentiation, an animal is usually understood to be the species of the Animalia kingdom that, according to certain scientists, lack reasoning, leaving humans out.

It is known as wild animal to him who lives in freedom, either on the earth ‘s surface, in the water or flying. The name refers to species that have not been domesticated: therefore, a stray dog ​​is not usually considered as a wild animal.

For example: “If you want to see how wild animals behave, I suggest traveling to Africa”, “I have never seen a wild animal stalking its prey”, “Some people are unconscious and try to transform a wild animal like the lion in a pet ”.

Within certain limits, wild animals are liable to be caught, caught or hunted. In any case, activities such as fishing or hunting are regulated by law and are often subject to criticism by associations that defend animal rights.

Wild animals, on the other hand, live in relative freedom since their scope is usually limited to a certain territorial extension, protected as a nature reserve, national park, etc. In the event that a wild animal moves beyond its usual environment and reaches a city, it is normal for it to be captured by the authorities and returned to its habitat.

Let’s see below the main characteristics of some of the best-known wild animals:

Common wolf

Although it is the origin of all dog breeds, the wolf is an impetuous animal and with certainly superior abilities. Broadly speaking, it is possible to say that its average weight is 50 kg, its maximum height is 80 cm and that it can live between 8 and 16 years. It is a social animal by nature and communicates with the rest of the wolves through the howling, the gestures of its mouth and the posture of the tail and ears.

The existing hierarchy in the herds of this wild animal is sustained by fighting that is usually won by the youngest, strongest and most intelligent individual. When hunting, they use their powerful teeth, but also their brains to design the strategy that best suits the prey.


This wild animal has a lot of presence in fiction, but its true characteristics are not so well known. It is a carnivorous fish that can weigh up to 10 kg and live a maximum of 30 years. It has an elongated body, with an approximate extension of 1.5 m in its final form, since in its life it crosses the passage from larva to eel and, finally, to eel.

Regarding its behavior, the eel is born in the sea, migrates to the river to complete its development, and then returns to the sea to reproduce. For your guidance, you use magnetic fields, and so you can find the Sargasso Sea, the last destination of your life.


The cougar is one of the most imposing species in nature, both for its strength and for its beauty. It is a feline with a slim body and large size, which can measure up to 1.5 m in length (90 cm of which belong to the tail) and weigh up to 119 kg. Its coat is short and has a brownish-yellowish color.

As with other wild animals, the female cougar is larger than the male. Except for the rutting season, it is an animal that prefers solitude. When her objective is to look for food she does not skimp on distances and usually moves at night, marking her territory with various resources, such as scratching the trunks of the trees.

Wild Animal