Meaning of Multimedia Socket

There are numerous connections in the four walls at home. While the standard sockets can be used for a variety of electrical devices, the benefits of some adapters are not immediately apparent. You will usually find a square box with several entrances in the living room or hallway: the multimedia box. This device is important for telecommunications. But what exactly is this can about? And how can the individual connections be used?

  • With a multimedia socket you can surf the Internet via the cable connection.
  • It enables particularly fast connections of up to 500,000 kilobits per second.
  • The socket has three connections.
  • The Homebox for your Smart Home can also be connected.

What is a multimedia socket?

With a multimedia socket it is possible to establish an Internet connection via your own cable connection . The element is designed as an antenna socket that replaces the classic TV cable socket. In modern households, one wall of the living room is often equipped with an antenna socket. In contrast to the conventional TV socket, the antenna socket has an input for the cable modem. While the old cable sockets only provided cable and radio reception, you can use the multimedia socket to establish a high-speed connection to the Internet.

This is what the multimedia socket looks like

Short for MM by abbreviationfinder, a multimedia socket normally has three connections. Each of these sockets is assigned its own area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication.

There are

  • an F socket
  • the socket for FM reception
  • the IEC connector

The F socket is intended for the television. You can either connect the TV set directly to this, in order to receive satellite TV, or attach the cable modem for the TV here. The FM output ensures radio reception. The so-called IEC adapter is also known as a cable connection. Use this input to connect a cable modem for the Internet. Then connect your PC and telephone directly to the modem.

What do I need a multimedia socket for?

Anyone who is connected online with the help of the multimedia socket via the cable connection uses the fastest connection rates on the German market. They reach speeds of up to 500,000 kilobits per second. That puts even the fastest DSL connection in the shade. And modern high-speed internet is required for various activities. It can be important when transferring large amounts of data when working in the home office. With fast connections on the Internet, you can also ensure that the stream in your home theater runs smoothly.

The requirements for the Internet via cable

The most important requirement for using the Internet via cable is coverage: Is there a cable connection available where you live and especially in your house or apartment ? Important: Not every existing cable connection is also geared towards the Internet. Only just under sixty percent of the locations in this country are covered by the Internet cable network. You can find out whether you are one of them with an availability check. You can tell whether your home already has a cable connection by the fact that you are receiving TV channels without DVB-T and satellite. In addition, the cable fee is listed in the ancillary costs for tenants.

Is there a modern multimedia socket?

Old TV sockets are easy to distinguish from the new multimedia sockets: They only have two entrances. In addition, many multimedia sockets have a small @ -sign embossed, which indicates the input for the cable modem. In areas where the technical requirements for cable internet are met and only the TV socket is out of date, a new installation is recommended. Have this carried out by a specialist. Anyone who lends a hand runs the risk of incorrectly calibrating the can. In addition, errors can potentially occur when setting the damping. Disturbances in the cable network are then the result. And these sometimes not only affect your own household, but also that of your neighbors.

The adapter as an alternative to the multimedia socket

An adapter is an alternative to the newly installed multimedia socket. Network operators make this available, for example, if the date for the retrofitting is only foreseeable in the distant future. You simply plug the special push-on adapter (POA) onto the old antenna socket. You can now connect a cable modem to it. Sometimes this alternative is also recommended to avoid the installation work on the wall.

Use the multimedia socket for the modern smart home

In the smart home , lighting, temperature and various other elements can be controlled automatically. You can also integrate the multimedia socket into the smart home. To do this, plug the cable modem into the F socket, the Homebox is coupled to the IEC connection, the cable connection. From now on you will use the Homebox as a communication center. It offers connection options for your computer, telephone and fax machine.