Meaning of Bug

The term bug is used in colloquial language to name insects. For example: “This house is full of bugs! We would have to hire a fumigation service “, ” A little while ago a bug bit me and left my arm swollen “, ” What is that bug? It looks like an ant, although bigger… ”.

It is known as woodlice, bicho ball or cochineal moisture terrestrial crustaceans belonging to the suborder oniscídeos. There are about 3,000 species of these animals whose main characteristic is that they have an accordion-like exoskeleton that allows them to roll over themselves when they feel threatened.

The light bugs or fireflies, on the other hand, are coleopterans that make up the family of lampreys. All species belonging to this group are characterized by the emission of light (that is, they are bioluminescent).

By extension, a bug can be any other animal. In this case, the use of the concept is derogatory or affectionate, depending on the context. If a person, upon seeing a dog on the street, exclaims “Get that bug away from me!” , will be using the word with contempt for the animal. On the other hand, a subject who claims that he lives with two dogs and three cats because he “loves bugs” will be using the idea of ​​a bug with tenderness and sympathy.

As can be deduced from everything that has been stated so far, it is not appropriate to use the term bug to refer to an insect in a formal setting, such as when dealing with an employer or with the owner of a house that we rent if we need to inform you of the presence of a pest, for example. In this case, it is recommended to specify the species that we have found or, failing that, to use the word insects.

It is also said that a human being is a “bug” or “a bug” when he is malicious, sinister or evil: “Be careful with the neighbor on the second floor, he is a bug”, “It seems to me that the new boss is very bug”, “Don’t be a bug and give me back the money I lent you.

Another meaning of this term is used to speak of a very energetic child, who is always doing mischief and is very difficult to control. Just as when we speak fondly of animals when we call them bugs, in this case there is no bad intention, but this word is used to denote the restless nature of the person, which leads them to move from one state to another without rest and it gives us the feeling that getting it to calm down is as difficult as catching a very fast insect.

This word also appears as part of the title of the song Mal bicho, released as a single by the Argentine band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in 1995, to promote the album called Rey Azúcar. This group was formed in Buenos Aires in 1985 and the musical genre that represents them is ska. It is worth mentioning that they have enjoyed great success within the field of Hispanic American music, to the point of getting four of their albums to be included among the 250 most influential Latin American rock, according to the publication Al Borde.

There are also people nicknamed with this term, such as Javier Fernández Abruñedo, a footballer born in Sada, La Coruña, Spain, in 1996. He debuted in 2013 as a sports professional in the Third Division, and in the He currently assumes the role of playmaker in the Racing de Ferrol team. His preparation took place in a team from his hometown, the well-known Rayo Sadense, and in the Sports Club of his region.