Meaning of Benefactor

Benefactor is one who does good to another person. The term is used synonymously with benefactor. For example: “An anonymous benefactor donated one hundred thousand dollars and managed to save the orphanage”, “Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world, but also one of the greatest benefactors thanks to his millionaire donations”, “The dining room needs a benefactor to help us feed the children ”, “ Some celebrities want to show themselves as benefactors to win the sympathy of the people ”.

The benefactor is a supportive person who seeks to contribute to others. You can make donations of money, contribute your work to a cause of social interest or give help in some other way. Therefore, there are many ways to do good, and financial resources are a simple tool, but by no means are they essential to help others.

Some benefactors act individually, but there are also a large number of foundations that dedicate their efforts to helping those most in need, taking advantage of the collaboration of a group of people. Charity can be manifested through the creation of soup kitchens, hospitals or schools, or focus on research to cure a certain disease. On the other hand, when the action is directed at a single individual, it is referred to as patronage.

The welfare state or state of well – being, finally, is a model of social organization that includes the commitment of the State to provide social services to all citizens of a country. The concept was coined from 1945, with the North American policies after World War II.

The concept of the welfare state awakens several possible interpretations, among which are the following three:

* a situation in which all the members of a society trust deeply that their government, the State or the community itself will give them the support they need, both in critical moments and in their daily lives, or that the benefits of collective efforts and progress are for everyone. From this point of view, the concept can be understood as a social goal, a right or a common obligation;

* a system that places the State as responsible for the well-being of citizens, the entity that undertakes to ensure the safety of each and every one of the inhabitants;

* A set of efforts by the State, independent groups, volunteers and non-profit entities that carry out a series of activities coordinated by the government to ensure the well-being of society. In some cases, the collaboration of the State is based on financial support to certain private or social organizations to promote charity services (a model that some researchers call the welfare society).

In Europe there are four social models (that is, Welfare States) that respond to the needs and structures of the groups of countries that adopt them: the Nordic (from Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland); the continental one (of France, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium); the Anglo-Saxon (from Great Britain and Ireland); the Mediterranean (from Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal).

On the other hand, Benefactor is the name of a video game for the Amiga (a series of computers) launched in 1994 by the company Psygnosis and developed by Digital Illusions. It is a combination of puzzle and platforms, with a concept similar to that of the Lemmings series, but also with original ideas. Basically, the player controls a character named Ben E. Factor, who must guide and save a group of beings who have been kidnapped and taken to another planet.