Meaning of Bandit

Bandit is a term that is often used as a synonym for criminal or thief, although a more specific meaning can be attributed to it. According to the dictionary of the DigoPaul, a bandit is a fugitive from justice who is called by side (an edict or published mandate of a higher order).

For example: “The bailiff offered a reward for any information that helps capture the bandit who robbed the bank”, “Three bandits broke into the house and took the family’s savings”, “When we catch the bandit, I think the commissioner it will promote us.

A bandit, on the other hand, can be the person who robs in a depopulated area or on a road: “There were a few kilometers to go to reach the destination when a bandit crossed in front of the carriage and stripped the travelers of their belongings”, “Be careful on the trip: there are many bandits lurking on the side of the road ”, “ The bandit took advantage of the fact that no other vehicle was passing and threw himself on ours ”.

In colloquial language, a bandit is a person who cheats or cheats: “I can’t believe you have betrayed my trust in this way! You are a bandit ”, “ If I meet that bandit again, he will have serious problems ”, “ Your father kicked me out of the house accusing me of being a bandit ”.

“Bandido”, onother hand, is a song that played the duo Brown Sugar in the Festival Song Contest in 1990. The Argentine singer-songwriter León Gieco, for his part, has released an album entitled “Rural Bandidos” and which includes a song of the same name.

Famous bandits of the Wild West

Billy the kid

Billy the Kid, whose real name was William H. Bonney and is known in Spain by the nickname Billy the Kid, was an American cowboy who became a legendary bandit despite having lived only 21 years. It is worth mentioning that he used other pseudonyms throughout his short criminal career, among which are Henry Antrim and Henry McCarty. Upon arriving in New Mexico, more specifically Lincoln County, he started out as a cowboy and soon earned a peculiar reputation as one of the most dangerous gunmen in the area.

Billy the kid was far from being an innocent child, despite his nickname, since he was responsible for 21 murders, which took place in various encounters such as clashes of sides and attacks on the law while escaping from jail.

The Dalton Brothers

Also known as The Dalton Gang, these brothers went down in history thanks to their regrettable crimes in the late 19th century, which included robberies on trains and banks. Although they had a certain relationship with the Younger brothers, who were ruled by the also famous bandit Jesse James, the Dalton Brothers acted independently. It is important to mention that not all Daltons were outlaws; One of the thirteen brothers was a Deputy Sheriff and, according to the story, he was trying to keep the others away from crime.

Jesse james

Full name Jesse Woodson James, he was the most famous member of the James-Younger, a gang of robbers that wreaked havoc in the Wild West in the mid-19th century in the United States. Jesse James is a true legend, and not precisely because of his exemplary behavior, but in part because he was murdered by one of his companions, Robert Ford, shot in the back to collect a significant reward offered by the governor.

Jesse James’s childhood was not easy, and this was decisive in the path he chose as an adult, as it happens to all of us. After his father’s death when he was just three years old, his mother married twice more, giving him four half-brothers and hitting his fragile emotional stability hard. As if that had been little, the Civil War ended up destroying the landscape of his childhood.