Louisiana (English: Louisiana, French: Louisiane) is a state in the south of the USA. Largest cities: New Orleans, Baton Rouge. The total area is 135,382 km² (31st in the USA), including 113,721 km² of land. Population 4,574,836 people (25th place in the USA). Louisiana’s official nickname is the Pelican State. Named after the French king Louis XIV.


In the west, Louisiana borders Texas, in the north – with Arkansas, in the east – with Mississippi, in the south the territory is limited by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The territory of the state is clearly divided into two parts – “upper” and “lower”. The latter is characterized by an abundance of swampy lowlands.

The highest point is Driskill Hill, 163 m above sea level.

Judicial system and crime

The judiciary in Louisiana consists of a system of courts that interpret and apply civil and criminal law. The Louisiana Supreme Court is the state’s highest court. There are also five appeals courts, 43 district courts, five family or juvenile courts, 487 city courts and three parish courts .

According to FBI statistics, these are the 10 most dangerous cities in Louisiana for 2020:

  1. Hammond
  2. Appelusas
  3. Alexandria
  4. Marksville
  5. Bastrop
  6. Crowley
  7. Monroe
  8. Walker
  9. West Monroe
  10. Leesville

Famous people

  • Karl Malone
  • Michael Ellis DeBakey

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge
City in the United States
State Louisiana
County East Baton Rouge Parish
Coordinates 30°26’51″N, 91°10’43″WL
Surface 228.23 km²
– country 222.55 km²
– water 5.68 km²
(1022 inhabitant/km²)
Mayor Sharon Weston Broome (D)
Website brla.gov

According to COUNTRYAAH, Baton Rouge is an American city located on the Mississippi. The city has more than 225,000 inhabitants. Baton Rouge has been the capital of the US state of Louisiana since 1849 – previously New Orleans.

There are two universities in Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University and Southern University.

The State Capitol Building is the tallest state capitol building in the United States. The building has a height of 137 meters.


The old State Capital Castle, destroyed in a fire in December 1862, during the American Civil War

Baton Rouge was a stopping point for the Mississippi riverboats to and from New Orleans. Accidents regularly happened with these steamers with paddle wheels. More than 70 people on board were killed in the 1859 explosion of the Princess near Baton Rouge. Unionists and Confederates fought in Baton Rouge in 1862 during the American Civil War for control of the Mississippi. The northern troops won and during their occupation of the city the old State Capitol building burned down.

In June 1953, Baton Rouge blacks led by Reverend TJ Jemison boycotted city buses in protest against racial segregation. Several similar boycotts would follow in different cities after this.

On July 17, 2016, there was an attack on police officers in the city.


11.4% of the population is older than 65 and 31.7% consists of single -person households. Unemployment is 4.9 % (2000 census figures).

About 1.7% of Baton Rouge’s population are Hispanics and Latinos, 50% are of African origin and 2.6% of Asian origin.

The population increased from 222,342 in 1990 to 227,818 in 2000.


Baton Rouge has been the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese since 1961 .


In January the average temperature is 9.9 °C, in July it is 27.9 °C. Annual average rainfall is 1546.6 mm (data based on the measurement period 1961-1990).

Nearby places

The figure below shows nearby places within a 12 km radius of Baton Rouge.

Baton Rouge

Brownfields (10 km)

Brussels (12 km)

Gardere (12 km)

Inniswold (9 km)

Merrydale (6 miles)

Monticello (10 km)

Oak Hills Place (11 km)

Port Allen (7 km)

Westminster (7km)

Notable residents of Baton Rouge


  • Charles Wesley Parker (1878-1946) composer, music educator and conductor
  • Ti-Grace Atkinson (1938), radical feminist writer and philosopher
  • William Gray (1941), clergyman, politician and businessman
  • Bennet Guillory (1949), actor, film/theatre producer and screenwriter
  • John M. Jackson (1950), actor
  • David Andrews (1952), actor
  • Catherine Dent (1965), actress
  • Bobby Jindal (1971), civil servant and politician (former Louisiana governor)
  • Kevin Rankin (1976), actor
  • Shane West (1978), actor
  • Torrence Hatch Jr. (1982), rapper
  • Reiley McClendon (1990), actor
  • Fredo Bang (1996), rapper
  • Young Boy Never Broke Again (1999), rapper


  • Percy Sledge (1940-2015), soul singer

Baton Rouge, Louisiana