Illinois (English: Illinois) is a state in the Midwest of the USA. The area is 140,998 km². The population is 12,910,409 people (2009), the fifth most populous state. The capital is the city of Springfield, the largest city is Chicago. Other large cities: Aurora, Rockford, Joliet.

The official nickname is “Land of Lincoln” (English: Land of Lincoln), as well as “State in the Prairie” (English: Prairie State). The official motto is ” State sovereignty, national union “. The name comes from the name of the association of Indian tribes. In the American dialect of English, “Illinois” is pronounced in the French manner—without the final “s” sound (ˌ ɪlɨnɔɪ).

Geography and climate

The state is located in the Central Plains, and 60% of its territory is prairie, the rest is occupied by hills. It borders Wisconsin to the north, Lake Michigan to the northeast, Indiana to the east and southeast, Kentucky to the south, Iowa and Missouri to the west. The southern border runs along the Ohio River, the western and southwestern – along the Mississippi River. Much of the southern Indiana border runs along the Wabash River.

The state has more than 500 rivers (the largest is Illinois, connected by a shipping channel with Lake Michigan) and 950 lakes.

Moderately continental climate.

The state is rich in minerals, including coal, oil, natural gas, zinc, and sandstone.

Famous people

  • Carl Sandberg(1878-1967) is an American poet, historian, novelist and folklorist.
  • Robert Wadlow(1918-1940) is, according to the Guinness Book of Records, the tallest man in world history.
  • Ray Bradbury(1920-2012) is an American science fiction writer.
  • Marlee Matlin(born 1965) is an American actress.
  • Alfred Sturtevant(1891-1970) was an American geneticist, one of the founders of the chromosomal theory of heredity.

Springfield, Illinois

City in the United States
State Illinois
County Sangamon County
Coordinates 39°48’6.19″N, 89°38’37.36″WL
Surface 171.91 km²
– country 155.64 km²
– water 16.27 km²
(April 1, 2020)
(735 inhabitants/km²)
Mayor Jim Langfelder (D)
Illinois State Capitol in Springfield

Springfield is the capital of Illinois, a state in the United States of America, and the capital of Sangamon County. During the 2000 census, the city was estimated to have had a population of 111,454 and the metropolitan area 201,437.

The city was founded in 1819 and became the capital of Illinois in 1837. Several places in the city are reminders of Abraham Lincoln who began his political career in Springfield in 1832, including the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, which opened in 2004-2005 . Historic Route 66 runs through the city.


14.4 % of the population is older than 65 and 36.1 % consists of single – person households. Unemployment is 4.2 % (census figures 2000).

About 1.2% of Springfield’s population is Hispanic and Hispanic, 15.3% of African origin and 1.5% of Asian origin.

The population increased from 107,265 in 1990 to 111,454 in 2000.


Springfield has a continental climate. In January the average temperature is -4.3 °C, in July it is 24.7 °C. There is an average annual rainfall of 895.4 mm (data based on the measurement period 1961-1990).

Nearby places

The figure below shows nearby places within 5 miles of Springfield.


Clear Lake (5 miles)

Grandview (5 km)

Jerome (3 km)

Leland Grove (3km)

Southern View (3 km)

Born in Springfield

  • Marjorie Merriweather Post (1887 – 1973), businesswoman, philanthropist and socialite
  • Seth Barnes Nicholson (1891 – 1963), astronomer
  • Barrett Deems (1914 – 1998), jazz drummer and bandleader
  • June Christy (1925 – 1990), jazz singer
  • Robert B. Parker (1932 – 2010), detective writer
  • Dick Boushka (1934 – 2019), basketball player
  • Marty Evans (1947), Navy soldier and driver
  • Phil Perry (1952), jazz, soul and R&B singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and musician
  • Steve Christoff (1954), ice hockey player
  • Will Simpson (1959), horseman
  • Donnie Beechler (1961), racing driver
  • Andre Iguodala (1984), basketball player
  • Cecily Strong (1984), actress and comedian
  • Ryan Held (1995), swimmer

Springfield, Illinois