Fernier, Canada

Fernier is a fast growing first-class off-season resort and international competition venue. The height of the snow cover here reaches 9 meters.

In addition to luxurious conditions for recreation, it is difficult to find something in Fernier that is of interest to those who like to combine relaxation with an excursion program – even the “architectural raisins” are not scraped together here – two fires at the beginning of the twentieth century completely destroyed all the buildings. But, on the other hand, in Canada you can find a great many interesting places that are worth visiting.

How to get there

The resort has very convenient transport links. A highway passes through its very center, along which you can reach settlements located west and east of Fernier. If lovers of ski slopes prefer to get by rail, then there will be no difficulties here – when in 1898 a certain William Fernier discovered coal deposits in this place, he made every effort to build a railroad. Sitting on the train, tourists can get to all regions of Canada. See andyeducation.com for education and training in Canada.

Cranbrook Canadian Rockies Airport is located in Kimberley, 105 km from the city. You can get from the airport by taxi or shuttle bus. Transfer time to the nearest airport in Calgary is about three and a half hours.


The Fernier spa has not always been a resort. Once upon a time in southeastern British Columbia, west of Alberta was just a local ski center. But the rocky mountains, beautiful snow cover, reaching a height of 875 centimeters, the rapidly growing popularity of the place led to the fact that in 1997 the center received the status of a resort. All this happened after its purchase by Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Inc.

Slopes and slopes

106 km of mountain slopes are arranged in such a way that both venerable pro skiers and timid beginners will ride here not only “within their strength”, but also interesting. The resort has almost the same number of slopes of all levels, 6 chair lifts and 4 ski lifts, 15 km of flat skiing, a fun park and a half-pipe.

The green slopes for beginners are very well maintained, so it is problematic to get injured on them (well, if only you try very hard). The blue slopes are also quite well groomed and are of interest to those who rate their skill as average. The straight sections here are adjacent to the slopes – therefore, it will be possible to ride with the breeze and run, pushing off with sticks, on different sections of the route.

  • Fernier Map

Cuisine and restaurants

In general, Canadian cuisine is primarily meat and fish. Steaks, steaks, roast beef – this is what a real Canadian respects, for these dishes look at the steakhouse Max Restaurant – Park Place Lodg. “Very good reviews about the Italian restaurant Mezzaluna. A spicy lover can recommend the Mexican restaurant El Guapo Mexican Diner.

Well, and to drink beer – Canadians have a high regard for the varieties “Labatt” and “Molson” – you can at every step.

And don’t forget to finish your meal with a dessert with the must-have ingredient – maple syrup. Because visiting Canada and not enjoying national culinary pride is an unforgivable mistake.

Fernier Hotels

For those who do not save on their vacation, the best choice would be a cottage right on the mountainside. There are many private owners renting cozy houses here – vacationers receive beautiful views from the window and the opportunity to be close to the ski area as a bonus. But there are those who are not attracted by the night silence of the mountain peaks – give them noise and crowds of people. Night discos, spa services and other benefits of civilization can be chosen to your taste in any of the Fernier hotel complexes – in the city itself there are many hotels of any star rating. There are budget options for those for whom comfort is not important, there would be a bed and a warm blanket.

You can get access to the World Wide Web here everywhere – hotel owners are worried about the convenience of their guests.

Attractions and attractions of Fernier

After ski: bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs, dog sledding, sledding, snowmobiles, snowshoeing, ice fishing. Lost Boys Cafe is the main party place and the best restaurant on the mountain.

Fernier, Canada