White T-Shirt: A Versatile And Sexy Garment In Your Closet

Marlon Brando and James popularized their use in the 50’s and since then, men almost never fail to include it in their look.

Previously reserved only and exclusively as a complement to the underwear, the character of Marlon Brando removed it from anonymity and showed that, well combined, the men could be sexy and, at the same time, be very comfortable. After Brando, James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” (1954) accentuated even more the use of the white t-shirt, in his case of suspenders and combined with a half-open jacket.

Comfortable, versatile and combinable

Partly thanks to the impulse of those films, but also for its multiple benefits, in the following decades the men have been including them in their closets to improve their looks. We are very fans of this garment. Why?

1) Because wearing a white t-shirt is comfortable. Generally, t-shirts are made with natural and durable fabrics such as cotton, easy to wash and pleasant to the touch.

2) Because they are versatile and combinable. White is a color that in 95% of cases combines well with other colors, so a garment can give rise to many combinations.

3) Because they feel good and happy looks . Just as we are recommended to paint the walls of white house to gain light, white clothes, and in particular a T-shirt, because of its luminosity it makes good all kinds of skins, whiter or more brown, unlike other pale or pastel tones .

4) Because they can be very seductive. The combination of jeans and a white T-shirt, as shown in many fashion campaigns and in the movies can be sexier than you imagine.

5) Because it is timeless. No matter whether we are in winter or in summer, whether we are in 2012 or talking about the 80’s, the fashionable t-shirt is a basic garment in every wardrobe that is not out of fashion. So, if you take good care of yourself, you can survive the passing of time and passing fashions.

Dull or gray-looking: not like that!

All that we have just said is only applicable if the target does not lose its luminosity. The biggest mistake that can spoil a good look is to realize that the target is no longer white, but grayish, or that has yellow sweat fences under the armpits because of sweat.

Do not worry! Taking care of your white t-shirts has no mystery, beyond that you wash and properly treat these garments as you need them. Get yourself two basics for laundry: a specific laundry detergent, such as WiPP Express Total White ; And a stain-removing additive that will guarantee the elimination of those spots caused by sweating, such as Neutrex Transpirex .

Avoiding fading and staining is as easy as, before putting the laundry (in which, previously, you have separated the clothes well so that no clothes of color that fades the rest), spray a little Neutrex TranspirexIn the armpit area of ​​the shirt. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then put on the washing machine as you usually do, with WiPP Express Total White that ensures you eliminate dirt and whiteness even by washing in cold water.

With these basics of laundry, your most classic and sexy garment will be ready to become a summer basics.