Two Styles Within The Shooting of Gossip Girl: Blake Lively Vs. Hilary Duff

The other day I took a few good laughs to read the post that Audrey dedicated to Hilary Duff on the occasion of his appearance on Gossip Girl and today given the chance that Rep Carpet Fashion Awards has included in the same image to two opposite actresses: Blake Lively and Hilary Duff.

This has led me to compare both styles in their last respective appearances and the difference is huge. While Blake Lively It seems a woman coming from another planet with his height and his bearing, Hilary Duff It does seem like the typical secondary actress in which the camera not focuses its attention, even though in this case it is not so and protagonism does.

The height of Lively and stylish body makes it stand out against the rest of the cast, but especially the wisdom is in how it manages to look looks that other people turn them off. In this case, this pencil skirt cut in grey, combined with shirt and blazer playing with different degrees of gray, they make a perfect union, with great style.

Also highlighted in the Add-ins, with the multiple necklaces Bordeaux and its Valentino bag; Although to me particularly is the element that most strikes me, although the color that sticks.

While, Hilary Duff It is the opposite. It does not transmit the same style as Lively, since this same combination that here looks to make the former more party would draw it. Blue t-shirt with print on chest, sensational (the best of their look) hat and pants for me like too long, concealing what seems to be a good sandal and making it look less.

Two opposite styles, while a dazzle, the other indifferent. And is no longer question of what garments take or fail to take, but is.