Tip: Layers of Clothes Shows Help to Compose the Visual Male

When we use the feature of the overlapping of several pieces of linen (or layering) we hope that the items combined result in a look that reflects our style and personality, because they depend on a personal choice that a few chances have to be obtained by another person, in addition, the greater diversity of elements helps to achieve an impact more visual and more interesting.

Tip Layers of Clothes Shows Help to Compose the Visual Male

Exploring the layers

But the layering depends not only on what you use, but also how you use it, in fact that goes for everything in men’s fashion, isn’t it? A shirt placed on the inside of the pants and overlapped by a mesh have an effect, if you are on the outside of the pant and is longer than the blouse, will surely influence on the result, changing the focal points of the combo. The same goes if you repuxar the sleeves and fold the cuffs of the shirt, again showing more than just the collar.

All of these small balconies can be the difference between the guy stylish, and someone that even well dress does not stand out in the crowd, or the contrary, as that can also result in bad choices. Know how to use the visual elements present in their clothing to appreciate it is as important as know how to combine colors, or to know the trim of a suit.

In the photo from the top we have a good example: the striped t-shirt over complementing blouse* and creating points of interest close to the face, hip and hands, but it is also important to note that this type of feature should not be used if you do not want certain parts of their body to attract the look. The stripes in the line of the waist, for example, are not indicated for those who are very overweight or have wide hips.

*Please Note that the cuffs and the slash of the blouse are also striped!

Parts for rethinking the use of:

  • Shirts
  • T-shirts, especially those that have some standard or pattern;
  • Poles;

How to do:

  • Fold the sleeves, when possible;
  • Leave the collars appearing;
  • Not button fully cardigãs, coats, jackets and blazers;
  • Use blouses and shirts with high collar;
  • Enjoy the color contrast.

If to you it seems a novelty, I would advise you to seek photos of looks male in social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, paying attention to details in the use of clothes that make certain elements, the same not being in the spotlight, to be able to awaken attention and to give more style to the look.