This ‘Vogue’ Is Worth $343,000

A perfume here, a bikini, maybe even the chic pair of shoes on page 67 – what would probably cost to buy all the parts which will be presented in the fashion magazine “Vogue”? A New York journalist has precisely calculated.

Noah Veltman has used to love found in men’s magazines, to be fashionable to inspire. “I began to crave all these products”, he says in an interview with the economic portal of “quartz”. The problem: “they are totally unrealistic presents.” It was barely affordable to buy – let alone all several parts of it!

Completely frustrated, Veltman June spending ten renowned fashion and lifestyle magazines made up, including “Vogue”, “GQ”, “InStyle”, “Cosmopolitan” and “Esquire”. He reckoned together the prices of the advertised products and compared the horrendous totals.

One place: the U.S. ‘Vogue’. Who would buy anything from it, should be proud 343.368 $ (253.231 euros) shell out! That means a Preisvorssprung of 194.459 dollars over the runner-up, American “InStyle”, with a total value of 148.909 dollars (109.819 euros). Here, the average cost for a beauty product or accessory, garment amounted to almost 80 euros, in the “Vogue” at least 627 euros. Who in June all recommendations of the household magazine “real simple” would follow, would be with some $15.851 (12,000 euros) have “preferred” that Veltmann has calculated. For comparison, all the articles on the today’s our site home would cost together nearly 2000 euros.

What bothers Veltman at the products parade: the reader would made Weis, he could become a more attractive people by buying great stuff. He declares “is much harder than to have nice things in the cartmorning to get up and play sports,” to “Quartz”. To make the seduction from the way he lets the finger of glossy leaves today.

In truth, nobody would buy anything of course. Dream and be inspired, can make Yes also already happy.