The Re-Creation of the Hawaiian Slippers

The Hawaiian slippers were synonymous with poverty, people who could not buy sandal wearing Hawaiian slippers brand, as a tactic of personality and some people put the white part traditional down giving charm and attitude in slippers. And this practice lasted for many years, until one day the designer José Marcos da Silva proposed the Havaianas Top, with much more colorful and setting aside the white surface, was an absolute success, sales soared and the brand began to be revalued. The intense colors made Hawaiian slippers to match the clothing brands and today participates in the big parades on the catwalks of the most famous brands and is sold to 80 countries of the world.


When the public began to demand more modern and colorful flip-flops, Havaianas attended the request of fashion today, with a new line in the production of radio and television advertisements launched the product in the media with the artists wearing the Sandals was the biggest success. But for some consumers even more demanding the Havaianas also created the slippers with prints and different anatomical with several more strips file to suit all tastes and all audiences. When a setting is accepted and becomes a sales record is a sign of competence and the concern to create different models working in full balance.

To make more modifications?

Yes, as we can notice that the Brazilian people’s champion in news and recreate what already exists, the Hawaiian could not be left out. A line of artisans decided to make the Hawaiian luxury footwear Slipper and began to recreate the same models, working the strips with macramé technique of embroidery and fashion accessoriesflowers, what differentiated the brand that went from the simple to the sophisticated. This fashion and style ruffled a lot of women and children who already use the slippers give Hawaiians that is known by people, as the saying goes. Each person can let your imagination flow and make your own creation.

Where to use

Hawaiian slippers became famous and can be used in any occasion, give that person the use has consciousness and strong personality especially if for use in a more formal occasion. Now if it is used at the beach or in the daily it will make greater success in current young fashion models especially if embellished with stones and many colors. There is no prejudice against Hawaiian slippers, on the contrary even the celebrities use the Havaianas have become inseparable footwear for all times. A good Footwear makes your feet relax giving comfort and well-being for those uses.

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