Sienna Miller Is Still on Tour, Now Opting for Yves Saint Laurent

No, there is no rest time for some women. When plays promote a film, a brand or similar, have the protagonist of the day touring around the world and therefore, every day with a different look. Is usually not the case that every time guess, but if the main character is Sienna Miller then the tide change.

The proof is in all the latest looks we’ve seen him the last few days and what better. It has a unique style and love to see it. This time Miller landed in Los Angeles to continue promoting G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra and did better than ever.

If in the days before had lucido its particular style Bohemian and glamour that it becomes, in the capital of cinema he opted for a look more classic and little seen on his person. He appeared at the premiere with a beige chiffon long dress belonging to the Pre-Fall 2009 collection of Yves Saint Laurent. V-neck, air to the Confidential and with impeccable styling, highlighting the result with red passion on the lips.