S.O.S Notes in Primark Pants

Now, a call for help from a supposed Primark factory worker showed up again. This time should be a Chinese prisoner who is forced to work 15 hours a day. An Irish woman found a note from him in pants from Primark.

On Thursday, the third call for help a Primark Nahers was announced. Irishwoman Karen Winsinka (28) found in a pair of trousers of the textile discounter a SOS note along with identity card. This should be a call for help an inmate out of jail Chinese Xian Nan in Hubei Province, people’s Republic of China.

The inhumane conditions of those arrested “have to work like oxen on the field” and the up to 15 hours a day are marked on the hand-written note, to produce goods for export. While they would get food, “you would be not even dogs or pigs”. “We call on the international community to condemn the Chinese Government for its violations of human rights”, so the more text of the note.

Previously the British sensation Rebecca Gallagher (25), which was a call for help on the label of her cheap dress from Primark already. On it were the words stitched “forced to work exhausting hours” (“I’m forced to work up to the point of exhaustion”). It is assumed that the message originated from a seamstress from Bangladesh. A second client to Word volunteered Wednesday. She bought a top at Primark already 2013 “Gradening sweatshop conditions” (“degrading conditions an exploitative operation”) was stitched on its label.

Winsinka had but never worn pants with camouflage print, for which she paid almost 13 euros, 2011 bought in a store in Belfast, due to a broken zipper. Just last week brought them back out of the closet – pants and discovered the note and the identification of about 30 to 40 years old man. “When I message translate left, I would cry can. I had never thought to slavery”, so Winsinka to the ‘ Belfast Telegraph”.

A Primark spokesman said that the company had already initiated investigations, but expressed concern about the incident. “These pants were from Primark 2009 ordered and sold in Ireland in October 2009. We find it strange that the incident only now came to light, but already over four years ago in the sale was the trousers’, the spokesman said. “The Primark ethical standards team has made since 2009 nine inspections of our suppliers. “To be clear: no prisons or labour camp have been found”, as the spokesman for Primark.

Now also Amnesty International to Word volunteered. Patrick Corrigan, Director of Amnesty International UK, called the incident a “shocking story”. “It is difficult to say whether this story is true, but we have to worry about that it is the tip of the iceberg.”

On July 3, the second Berlin Branch of Primark on 5000 square meters opened on the Alexanderplatz. This is already the 13th shop in Germany. It remains to be seen whether there will be protests, or, as before, again hundreds fans of cheaper clothes are storming the branch.