Renner Shows Preview of the Autumn Winter Collection 2016

The Renner has been presented to the media its Autumn Winter collection 2016with a mix of parts that dares in shape and in style, but shows to be conservative on the colors, a curious choice, but one that has many chances to appeal to more young and trendy. We were at the event and checked up close to the collection that is already coming to stores, thus having a good insight into what awaits us in the next few seasons and that you will check out in a gallery with dozens of photos.

Renner Shows Preview of the Autumn Winter Collection 2016

Autumn winter 2016 – Color

If you have anything against the combination of the black with the white this winter will be difficult to buy clothes in Renner, it is amazing how they came up with a color palette narrow! It is true that we still have a few pants color with earth tones, shirts plaid style lumberjack jackets olive, but the amount of pieces in black, white and grey surpasses easily the colored items. In tailoring, and in parts pontuai is possible to see also the presence of a blue very similar to the “bic” and a touch of brown or mustard here and there.

Autumn winter 2016 – Modeling

The already well known skinny pants fight with the trim comfortable joggers sweatpants or chinos, a trend that has been showing since the beginning of last year, and that shops such as Cotton On already bring there about 2 years! The jackets and the blazers still have a silhouette closer to the body, but nothing exaggerated, and the t-shirts if you alternate between the traditional and the “long tail” of the t-shirts are longer, the influence of the clothing of the rappers.

Autumn winter 2016 – Style and trends

Comfortable clothes alternate with moulds that are more equitable, which can generate a visual hybrid interesting if you know how to make the mixture the right way; the matelasse that gave the guys discreetly in the winter the past back with much more presence in jackets, sport vests, and even joggers sweatpants; shirts henley and raglan also show that still not be out of taste male; footwear high tops predominate, is a boot worker wine or a sneaker leather all black; the blazers have options in twill or tailoring, and the shirts remain with micro prints and the chess that is already hit more than half a decade.

The themes are divided between the military with its colours and characteristic details; the fashion sport and casual, the ethnic that now flirts with the oriental culture, now with indigenous elements and the touch of playful prints with characters that resemble graffiti or cartoons.

To my despair there is still an attempt to resurrect the overalls and the coveralls, two pieces that don’t make my head any way, but that within a collection so unusual may end up winning over those who are sick of the clothes seen in the other years. Just go with calm time to invest in these pieces, as well as look news, may exhaust your patience pretty fast and end up leaning against before the end of the winter, think first what are you going to use the exhaust.

Below you see a mega gallery with photos of great part of the Autumn Winter collection 2016 of Renner:


  • T-shirts from R$29,90
  • Bermuda from R$79,90
  • Shirts from R$89,90
  • Jeans from R$89,90
  • Blazers R$259,00 (on average)
  • Meshes by R$119,90
  • Jackets may reach R$359,90

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