Portugal Fashion: Eyes on the Floor in the Parade of Luís Onofre

Shoes with appliqué of Swarovski Stones? Yes! The collection of Luís Onofre presented at the 40th edition of Portugal Fashion was all that and much more.

Portugal Fashion Eyes on the Floor in the Parade of Luís Onofre

“Between the solid romanesque of the vaults, the medieval and the freedom progressive the punk of the 70’s, there is an unexpected unit artistic where all of the excesses come together”.

So it was that the creator Luís Onofre began by describing the collection “the Solid Rock”, designed for the Autumn/Winter 2017/2018.

Inspired by the boldness of the rock, the high heels have been worked out with the consistency of a column in stone, and they are the great protagonists of this collection.

With details in metal or Swarovski stones Black Diamond, the heels thus forms the support of models that assume the formats pointed items or rounded.

Are back the boots mount with soles and pipes that also incorporate stones and metals, complemented with piping on the sides. Details and more details continue to arise, among them chains, studs and other metallic accessories by replicating the 70’s.

We can also observe various models in Lycra, a material whose effect modeler helps bring femininity in ankle-boots and boots above the knee.

Other materials used are leather suede and croco, but with emphasis to the novelty of genuine fur finished with flock, similar to velvet.