New Fabric for Ex-Drug Boss

George Jung (71) aka “Boston George” was one of the world’s biggest cocaine dealers. Now he is free after 20 years imprisonment. In cooperation with the Berlin-based designer Pearl Jung he brings a collection of scarves and tank tops on the market now – just in time for the dismissal -.

In the late seventies and early eighties, he was the biggest cocaine dealer in America: George Jung. Together with his friend, the Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar (d. 44), he smuggled cocaine from southern to North America and sparked the first big wave of cocaine at the time.

The business made with the white powder “Boston George”, as it was then known, to one of the richest men in the United States with estimated assets of $100 million. He led a life as a pop star between champagne, racing cars and beautiful women – until he was arrested in 1994 finally after some short jail stays. in 2001 his life in the Strip “Blow” was starring even – Johnny Depp (51) in the lead role.

Now “Boston George” was released from prison after 20 years – and is already back in the business. But instead of drugs, he is now with fashion. Together with the Berlin-based designer Pearl Jung by the Label Cashmere ‘n’ Pearl, he has designed a small fashion collection. Special: Play the Cashmere scarves and tank tops with the figure “Boston George”. So, gold items the glittering dream world and quotes such as “Jump into your dreams” represent the former way of life.

The collaboration after Pearl Jung once again had seen the movie “Blow” after years and George Jung wrote a letter. In conversation with our site, she revealed “extraordinary life stories with strong characters have always interested me and George is unique.” Pearl was fascinated that the ex-gangster himself Despite his dismal life behind bars never gave up and always positively looked forward. “A close and regular letter friendship has evolved quickly and the idea to start a joint project”, so the designer.

Currently George undergone in his old home of California a rehabilitation program, to get used to his new life in freedom. Also, he soon launching a book about his life, working on a major motion picture – and may soon on a further fashion collection.