Mischa Barton and The Glitter Rocker, No Por Favor!

A few days ago said les that glitter rocker will be one of the trend of the next season of Autumn-winter 2009/10. Com osiempre some celebrities are already beginning to use it ahead of street shops to launch their collections so that the mortals can access them.

However, not all achieve the tendenica to look good. Or rather that fit them and carry it with style. It is the case of Mischa Barton for the filming of The Beautiful Life got into an adjusted Versace outfit with a highly questionable touch. Yes, supposedly, Mischa is a supermodel who looks like his reputation falls by the new arrivals, this look shows well that fall from heaven to Earth.

Mischa legs are without any form, with those booties of cleats, another of the trend to come. It is as if he had not exercised them in a thousand years and with the short ball disco dress looks terribly. So if it looks like a model whose glory years passed, which does not imitate the example of Elle McPherson, who is still “ body & #8221;.