Look Red of Penelope Cruz in London: a Retro Style and Glamorous

From Cannes had not been seen to Penelope Cruz in an official act, and yesterday, made a pause in their summer vacation (which seems that they go for long because he thinks taking a rest time) to present his latest film, Los Abrazos rotos alongside his mentor, Pedro Almodóvar,.

Apparently unrelated to the rumors about her possible pregnancy, our Pe chose to cover those pounds more than conscience, whatever the circumstances, he has caught, and is enfundaba in a suit pants cutting spacious and airy fall , of the Italian company Bottega Veneta, cruise 2010, in that color that both favors you (she, and most moray eels): Red.

Based oversize Blazer y baggy type trousers cropped and turn-up, Pe was not the best of their silhouettes but the best of smiles (do not know if grandiose or spontaneous), and completed her baggy look to the Marlene Dietrich with art-deco in wood and raw skin air platforms.

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