Long Dresses: The Wildcard of The Summer Where The Celebrities Are Removed

I admit I am not too fan of the long dresses even though every year, especially in Summer, return to become in essential outfit. And is that away from this idea that only married with a look eminently hippie, these are one of the most versatile clothes that exist: day, night, to go to the beach, holiday, or street.

And it is that the key is that they are normally OK. Wide, bright, with fall, come on, allowing movement while it concealing everything.

Nicole Richie It is one of his biggest fans and that was among the first to make your garment’s header as well as out of fashion among pregnant maxi-dresses.

As you can see, Heidi Klum He has followed his steps.

Street, and if one is not very fan of style boho-folk, just emulate to Blake Lively and opting for a more nightdress type model and combine it with jewel sandals.

As he also Kate Hudson from the hand of this Greek-style model.

Or other of the hippie rock according to the precepts of Taylor Momsen. The key? Shooting dress tye-dye and add multi chain necklaces and Aviator sunglasses.

To go travel the most convenient option is this which presents Rihanna: elastic cotton. Handy.

And night the version that more triumphs is the stamped in bright colours. My favorite: the model of Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley in plan tunic and printed trompe-l’oeil.