Kicking out American Apparel Founder

By his own company dismissed Dov Charney (45), that American Apparel was controversial founder and CEO of U.S. retailers. Several times, he was sued for sexual harassment. Now, the company pulled the RIP cord.

In 1997 the Canadian Dov Charney as a student founded the label American Apparel. Now, the founder must leave his own company. There were again and again…

Allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct become loud. Charney is also considered controversial because of…

Its sexually provocative ads, he often photographed. Here you can see a model in bed posing Charney.

Dov Charney has as his own boss company American Apparel withdraw – the Board of Directors decided at its annual meeting on Wednesday. According to an official statement of the company had fallen the decision as currently determined against Charney for misconduct within the company.

2011 sued four ex-employees of the company Charney for sexual harassment. 2012 allegations surfaced that he had assaulted an employee in Malibu and berated. In addition, the sexually provocative advertising campaigns, which partially even photographed Charney, often led to controversy.

American Apparel was always behind Charney – until now. “It is not easy for us, but it was necessary for the company”, so all Mayer, new Deputy Chief Executive in an interview with the “Los Angeles Times”. Mayer confirmed that the Supervisory Board recently began an investigation when “New information to light came”. Charney itself should have been totally surprised by his sacking. ‘He will fail like a crazy fight to get back his own company, but he is ‘s’, as an insider to the “Los Angeles Times”.

The most recently declining sales and debt the company (2013, net loss was almost 78 million euros) the expulsion should have nothing to do. “Our decision is independent of the shops of the company”, so Mayer.

Charney has been ready for any opinion by the way. As a reporter of the “Los Angeles Times” on the phone reached him, he simply hung up.