How to Create Amazing Combinations With Earrings for Second Hole

Anyone who has a second hole knows how amazing it is to put on wonderful looks just by combining the earring with the accessory from the second hole. With a simple earring, it is possible to turn a basic visual into an unforgettable one, regardless of the event in which you prepare. And whatever your style, it’s easy to find the ideal pieces to transform your astral and highlight your beauty even more. Check out some second hole earring models and how you can use them in your combinations.

How to Create Amazing Combinations With Earrings for Second Hole


Using rings in the second hole is a choice full of charm and that women invest more and more without fear of making mistakes. The variety is great and the odds of being on the look great are great, but the secret of success lies in focusing on your personal style. Instead of just focusing on what’s hot, find parts that have to do with you, which is part of your way of expressing who you are.

An example of this is the black rhodium pieces. While some people focus on gold or silver, black rhodium can be an incredible differential is much used by people with style and personality.

Another example is when they combine the different bath tones of the piece. It is possible to combine rings and earrings of different veneer colors. One tip is to create a point in common between these pieces. For example, pieces that have the same stone type or the same shape. Thus, regardless of the earrings you use, you can create a connection with your look and thus scratch the look.

And when it comes to choosing the ideal model, you have options for all tastes and styles. It has smooth rings, complementing with earrings more flashy. Even this is another powerful tip when creating combinations of earrings with a second hole. If there is a more eye-catching earring, such as a maxi earring, you should invest in smaller or less detailed earrings in the second hole. That way it’s not exaggerated, okay?

But regardless of the event, zirconium-studded rings are the perfect choice. There are thicker ones, ideal for matching with finer earrings. The thinner ones are perfect for use with more eye-catching earrings. Always balance, right?