Halloween Make up: Here’s the Trick to Vampira

Halloween is approaching, the witch affair and, in recent years, more and more often at night of the vampires.

After the huge success of the Twilight saga, in fact, one of the most fashionable Halloween costumes became the vampire makeup. If you also want to introduce you to your Halloween party wearing a make up as a vampire-style Bella Swan, here are some tips to follow to have an outcome assured in a few simple steps.

First of all, remember that the basic rule of Halloween make up is scary look. Do not worry to be beautiful at all costs, but nicely disguised! Nevertheless, if you wish, you can bet on a sexy vampire look by combining the makeup a bit emaciated black attire and sensual as described in LISTOFUSNEWSPAPERS.

But let’s focus on make up. To be a perfect vampire your complexion should be very pale. If you don’t want to use the white grease paint, which gives an effect insured but does not make your skin breathe and is difficult to remove, you can smooth over entire face a generous layer of concealer crystal clear. To even out the skin tone ivory matte powder used. Don’t forget to carefully make up their necks.

Then focus on the eyes. Halloween night is the only time you do not have to hide the dark circles but accentuate them. Aimed at a Halloween Makeup : pour a reddish purple eye shadow under the eyes and eye shadow on the upper eyelid up to the eyebrows. Then use a black eye shadow to blend from the inside to the outside of the eyes without fear of exaggeration. Finally finished the eyes with a black pencil to pass inside the eyelids and an ample dose of black mascara.
Very nice even white mascara effect, which goes mainly to a blond vampire makeup. If you have light hair in fact no need to overdo the eye make up, just a bit of eye shadow black on the inside of the eyelids to get a scary look. At your option you may also choose to wear contact lenses.

For the lip makeup by vapira bloody red lipstick is a must. It is essential also to draw blood trickles running off at the mouth with a red pencil for lips.

Manicure your choice you can choose a Red or black enamel, but keep long fingernails and a pointed shape.
Finally if you want to give your vampire makeup a little bit extra you buy fake fake canines and draw a vampire bite on the neck: you’ll be scarily beautiful!