Frozen Hibiscus-Elegant Vintage Fashion With Wink

Frozen hibiscus is a a vintage-inspired label for unusual clothing in the style of the 20s 50s for women as well as men’s. We interpret this style, Merry fresh and with a wink, new. Design, cuts and production are carried out exclusively in Berlin.Frozen hibiscus is a Berlin plant. All creations can be manufactured on request on a standard.

What Has Inspired You To Frozen Hibiscus?

Inspired to frozen hibiscus have me my preference to the Hawaiian culture, a Tiki-style and General penchant for the 20s 50s (clothing, music, dance, and furniture). The hibiscus is the flower of Hawaii and symbolized the happy life of Hawaiians, the frozen stands for the preservation of the styles of the past.

You’re Just A New Collection Out There: You May Tell Us What To Her?

The current collection of frozen hibiscus is an anniversary collection. Frozen hibiscus is this year at the age of 10! The collection is called “Vintage Voyage” and goes on a journey through three decades of the last century, and over the last 10 years of frozen hibiscus. We wander through the “Seaside Holidays” of the 1930s with its elegant, maritime Beach outfits, the paradisiacal “Hawaiian flower” while of the 1940 s and the cool Beatnik-style of the 1950s “Jazz Club”. The collection is a mix of design classics of from past collections and new creations.For example, there will be four overall options, some South Seas magic and Mexican influences, but also outfits for men. This time I worked for it with four models: three magical maiden and a preppy gentlemen.

All Just Asked: Why Vintage?

I love the staging of looks and a supposed sense of life of past times, but not in the simplistic way as it often is found in the direction of retro.Vintage is something special with history today Yes not only for old, used things but also as kind of a value, E.g. quality/durability or a sense of value as described in act-test-centers. I find it very suitable for frozen hibiscus translation to: English adjective for excellent; old venerable; Select. Maybe a frozen is a real “vintage” part of the Hibiscus also sometime-piece, what has survived decades.

What Are Your Musthaves For The Women’s World And The Fashionable Men’s?

A Musthave is an outfit from frozen hibiscus of course! J for example our dress “Liz” or one of our pencil or A line skirts chic blouse, short sweaters, or one of our overalls. I recommend one of our trousers, shirts or vest for men.

What Would You Give To Our Readers?

Have fun on your clothing, the size is irrelevant.She should sit just right. Invests in high-quality garments, then you got something longer it. And don’t forget: support the small labels and stores, because they can give you the best advice and go to your wishes, to find your favorite part! Aloha!

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