Each Age Is a Style, by Leighton Meester in Harper’s Bazaar

It seems that from the the ages of the style It is a recurrent theme in all the magazines: famous is the Age Issue of Anna Wintour, as it is the sequel to Carine Roitfeld in the same publication, but in its Parisian Edition. Harper ’ s Bazaar It is not far behind and offers her particular vision of the ages of a woman, but instead that Condé Nast international pillar doesn’t choose brand-new women representing a particular decade, but focuses on a character, in this case Leighton Meester, and then strip in photoshop.

The protagonist of the series of fashion Cup the Home from the September issue photographed by the hyperrealist wrong sexually, Terry Richardson (the same that created it along with Blake Lively in Rolling Stone): in interior pages puts face style at the 20, 30, 40 and 50.

For the look which corresponds to their age, 23 years old, Leighton looks fresh, youth adecuadamete, and very american way of life with a pair of jeans, a white top and a Louis Vuitton blazer.

To illustrate the feared thirty, the air is sophisticated and the little black dress is considered the garment arrived that age, every woman should have in her wardrobe. I can not agree more.

At forty the concessions to luxury and the exquisite take the reins. Black is still the colour fetish but jewels increase carat, makeup intensifies and the hair is collected. Very Cruella d ’ Vil in Upper East Side version.

1950s feel you too well to Queen B, but we get the idea that the pantsuit and white (to be Regal air) shirt may be the best of solutions to deal with the passage of time.

At a certain age, the risks must be minimized and to be smart is to pull from classic clothing. Although to tell the truth, this is a maxim that does not rightly understand age & #8230;