By Statement Necklace to Boat Neck: So Put Your Decolletd In Scene

The choice of the correct neck jewellery is an important factor when it comes to put together a successful outfit. Only if chain and cutting in harmony, is an incomparable style. To find the perfect accessory, it is nowadays but not as easy. The sheer variety of trailers, chain types and of course cutting variants leaves much room for combinations, but also for fashion faux pas.

The Jeweller would like to help you decide and shows how to perfectly combine chains and snippets and thereby put both in scene.

Matching Chains for Round Neck

Every woman has at least an upper section with round neckline in the wardrobe. No wonder, because this style never comes out of fashion. All the more important that you know which chain it works best.

Many round cut-outs run close along the neck. A filigree chain, which is tight and picks up the style of the upper part is advisable in this case. This is very simple and plain, you can deliberately access to one bright color in the chain. Here the Leonardo offers for example, colors necklace.

Flashy Chains to the V-Neck

He conjures up a nice cleavage and fits to each character; as “business”, such as “Leisure” and now even popular in the lower cut-out variation in men. The V-neck belongs to the best known and most popular fashion designs, and this already for decades.

With a V-neck, you can quiet access to longer chains with wedge-shaped pendants as described in In addition, offers the so-called layering, so several chains worn over each other, for this form. Also-multi-row chain, like a necklace of freshwater pearls, fit here perfectly.

Only, it is important that the jewelry either short on or just under the neckline ends and never exactly completes. Also, you should ensure that the chain has its focus in the Center and points out the v-shaped form of the upper part.

The Turtleneck: Colorful Chain for That Certain Something

A turtleneck is although not a snippet in the strict sense, but also with these tops can advantageously be combined chain and lend extra oomph to the whole outfit.

Eye-catching accessories are ideal. The bigger and more colorful, the better. During the transitional period from spring to summer, the upper part of the neck offers the perfect background for your finest and most extravagant necklace.

So you get your statement necklace. She is the best companion for simple, high closed tops.

Square Chains for Square Cut-Outs

This cleavage variant already dictates the appropriate form of the necklace. Square cut-outs require a square chain, such as the Rod shaped necklace of unique. Round chain in this case have lost and inappropriate. Whether you choose a flashy, thick, or filigree chain, is left entirely to your taste.

To these upper parts, chains work great with square pendants. They should but do not extend over the neckline.

Subtle Necklace for the Elegant Waterfall Collar

The lush waterfall neckline adds a touch of luxury and eveningwear each shell. Be careful but when choosing the chain: through the bulky form of the collar fits best a moderate chain such as the Skagen stainless steel chain. Colorful or massive chains leave quickly overload the outfit.

Summery and Fresh: Chains for the Bandeau Top

The bandeau is particularly versatile and belongs in the summer, with the preference listed tops. Also the choice of the chain is crucial for the effect of this outfits. Gang show traditionally much skin and are thus ideally suited to showcase of your most beautiful chain. To style the upper part, do the following:

  1. Elegant: A fine filigree necklace or even a sumptuous Collier put the bandeau top skilfully, especially if you wear it as a dress.
  2. Summer: The colorful and easier, the better.Colorful, playful chains work especially to solid color ties from interesting and make you want summer and Sun.
  3. Sports: Want to sporty occur, choose a simple, tight-fitting chain.Also leather jewellery fits perfectly.

Place the U Neckline with Long Chains in Scene

The straight, horizontal in some cases cut the U-boot collar, neck is compressed optically. You can counteract wonderfully this effect to happiness with the correct chain. Long chains with decorating ornaments are ideal for this because it optically stretch the neck. Here the chain must expand also the cutout addition.

The Heart-Shaped Cut-Out: Perfect for Delicate Jewelry

The sweetheart is part of a particularly female top form, which stretches the upper body, shows plenty of skin, not to be lewd and conjures up a nice cleavage. Here’s not much needs jewelry. Statement necklaces or Colliers would only unnecessarily detract from the neck and collarbone area. It recommended soft, short necklaces with small, round chain with heart pendant of unique supporters like the cubic zirconia.

Asymmetric Snippets Work with Long Chain

This cut is very down and even an eye-catcher. Complete if you style by chains, is a real eye-catcher outfit. Long chains with many decorating decorative elements are very well suitable for the one-shoulder look. This visually extends the upper body.

In dresses, which carrier are already lavishly decorated, you should give better to opulent necklaces and choose a plain version, which does not compete with the upper part.

Collar and Blouses: Chains Adapt

Unfortunately, you can wear an elegant evening dress every day. Much more is the everyday clothing of many women send T-Shirts and blouses. But you can turn the appropriate chain into a real eye-catcher. For small collar, tight-fitting chains are wonderful. These must be worked not fine, but can, with simple tops, like some extravagant fail.

The opposite is true for blouses. Because the collar here already stands out, a delicate chain fits the best. Rule of thumb: the striking collar, more discreet the chain.

Conclusion: Cutting and Chain Are Together Unbeatable

Using these principles, turn any outfit into a highlight. As in other areas of fashion, for example, when the combination of jewelry and glasses,: harmony is important. When choice of chain and cutting on similar colors and shapes, you will draw all the attention. The Jeweller wishes you much fun trying out and styling.