Black and White, The Combination That Does Not Fail by Blake Lively

An of the combinations This summer has been the couple formed by the black and white, two colors that never go out of fashion and according to seasons pick up stronger against other options.

The main asset of this combination is the informal but elegant at the same time way of how it is. One of the women that most stand out at this time is to Blake Lively. The actress’s Gossip Girl borda all her looks and even the simplest, as on this occasion combination, looks it stylish.

Black and white, you don’t need more. White blouse, rolled up sleeves, a button open at the top and loose collars. Black shorts to play with the rest of the plug-ins, creating the basis of the look. Great bag in black, impeccable high heel shoes and detail, a generous watch and bracelet. You don’t need more. Look 10.