Bet on the Visual Fun Retro Kitchens

Decorate or renovate the kitchen with retro style can be a lot of fun and, with some planning, it’s not even that expensive.

If you like vibrant colors, vintage elements, furnishings that evoke memories and to tell a story, so it’s definitely Retro decorating style is right for you.

This style allows complete freedom of expression and the possibility to combine decorative elements that there is prima facie seem distinct, as vintage accessories of years 50 and more modern elements, but which together create a very own style.

How to get the retro style:

To achieve a retro effect decoration must be relaxed, and able to break away from the standard traditional kitchens. Decorate the kitchen with this style does not mean that the appliances and all utensils need to be ancient.

On the contrary! Nowadays several brands offer products that refer us to the past models, but keeping the best today.

In the case of retro-style appliances.

Are available in colors very cheerful as bright yellow, Red Fort, baby blue, among others, and are one of the main elements to give a modern kitchen a little of the atmosphere of the years 50 or 70, we used to see in the grannies.

If your budget does not allow for the purchase of new appliances or if he has at home are still in good condition, an alternative is to put a nice sticker on your surface.

These adhesives are specifically made to adorn appliances like refrigerators, for example, with different patterns and colors. In addition to being economical, the stickers can be redeemed whenever you want.

Another very important detail in the decoration of a kitchen with retro style are the accessories.

Elements such as cute and cheerful wall clocks, kitchen utensils with bold patterns and colorful containers are a good bet to get a retro environment, but still modern as described in

If the budget permits, and if your intention is to renew the entire kitchen decor, so be sure to also give importance to finish the walls and the floor with the patterns and colors suitable for this style.

In this case, the floors and walls in the colours black and white are always a good choice. If you want a little more daring bet on the yellow, red or in decorative tiles.