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The characteristic elegant style of the acclaimed Hollywood actress lives on even today – 20 years after her death

In the black gown with long gloves, adorned with a multi-row necklace gently shimmering beads, sparkling diamond studs and a glamorous tiara of diamonds in the hair – so Audrey Hepburn will remain us breakfast at Tiffany’s probably always in memory in their role of Holly Golightly in the film classic. With its elegant and graceful look managed to conquer the hearts of the audience of the actress in the blink of an eye.

Her fine and natural style became the inspiration for many women and it is still today. More than ever, it stands for timeless elegance and grace.
She remained its distinctive look an entire life faithfully. Here it is for their love of simplicity known and at the same time for their highest demands on quality and care in processing.
With the luxurious jewelry from her films she furore, but privately managed Audrey Hepburn to set trends. So she contributed, that all round with diamond hour eternity used rings as engagement rings. Here at you can get more different models and styles.
Moreover, she had brought the so-called Stackable Rings – multiple, together on a finger rings – in fashion.

The movie jewelry from breakfast at Tiffany’s

What for a beautiful effect fiery sparkling diamonds and enchanting iridescent pearls in combination with a simple cut black evening dress can unfold demonstrated impressively Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany’s . Look your look on, which became the epitome of classic elegance: Hepburn in her big film role.
In elegant evening clothes with diamond tiara in her hair and warm out Pearl necklace around her neck, she is in the opening scene of breakfast at Tiffany’s to see – an unforgettable appearance.
In connection with this film in the 1961 Audrey Hepburn was allowed to carry even one of the most famous and fascinating diamonds of the world: the yellow Tiffany diamond. But only for the publicity photos, in the film she considered the diamond only longingly in the window of a luxury jeweler, where you say they hear she care about is not in the least for jewellery – of course aside from diamonds like this.
At that time was the gem, which is characterised by its canary-yellow color and its considerable size of 128,51 carats, in an artful, integrated necklace created by Jean Schlumberger with grinding – and rosette ornaments. Here you can take a look at the extraordinary piece of jewelry: necklace with the Tiffany diamonds.

Audrey Hepburn and her private jewelry pieces

An eternity ring with baguette diamond engagement ring

Mel Ferrer, the first husband of Audrey Hepburn, gave her an eternity ring, which was continuously occupied with baguette-cut diamonds to the engagement. Gem differs in its appearance very different from a classic Solitaire ring with fiery sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds. Finally, a diamond baguette-cut as opposed to a brilliant acts much more restrained and cooler, at the same time but also very elegant – just like Audrey Hepburn. Has this diamond cut (from French) ( baguette = bar) to owe its strict rectangular shape with a sharp 90 ° corners and parallel held faceting.
Marilyn Monroe wore a similar engagement ring made of Platinum, which was a gift from Joe DiMaggio.

Audrey Hepburn’s white gold and Rosé gold wedding ring pair

In 1954, Audrey Hepburn got two faceted, co-ordinated wedding rings, for her wedding with Mel Ferrer the both individually as can be worn also in combination with each other. One of the two rings is made from Rosé gold, the other of white gold.
According to the occasion and tailored to her particular outfit Audrey Hepburn chose one or both of the filigree rings. Also, a very nice effect, achieved by the rings she wore with her diamond engagement ring.
The three gems go perfectly with Audrey’s personal style: they are extremely elegant, discreet, elegant and original at the same time.
Today, combinable rings of greatest popularity enjoy. It’s nice if you – as in the case of Audrey Hepburn – in small details differ from each other, but are still coordinated.

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