Another Example of How Wear a Leather Dress, by Elle Macpherson

The leather dresses they are one of the most difficult look stylish and that feel good to who leads them. Its material, adapting to the curves of the protagonist in question and the design of this make that many people prefer to ignore them.

Even so, he has given the chance that in a few days we have seen two incredible options. Angelina Jolie signed the first at the premiere of Inglorious Basterds and is now Elle Macpherson no less who the witness take the actress.

The design is very similar, strapless, strapless neckline, pencil skirt and very tight. But different detail is back with zipper crossing from top to bottom. What most surprised me of the look, which belongs to the set of filming of The Beautiful Life, It is the style that follows, with the maxi sunglasses in black, almost zero accessories and shoes heel Bordeaux very low.

Only suitable for someone who has earned the nickname of “The body”.