Amazon Prime Day: Our Technology Highlights of Watch

Already around midnight the Prime Day at Amazon started, there will be thousands of good offers from absolutely all categories, but we want to show only the highlights to suit our topics here in the blog. In doing so, I will focus on the lightning offers, which are currently running and which will follow in the course of the day. The Gear S2 Classic*(17 Euro.) Is available with the Gear S2 Sport from Samsung*(37 Euro cheaper according to price comparison),  Cardboard glasses with headband*, the Withings Activite Pop*(10 Euro cheaper according to price comparison) cheaper according to price comparison) and the  Gear S2 Premium* (90 euros cheaper according to price comparison).

No, of course it was not. The  Sony Xperia X Performance*(60 Euro cheaper according to the price comparison), Cubot X15*, Cubot X9*, HOMTOM HT3*, Cubot S550*, Wileyfox Swift *, Wileyfox Swift*, Nvidia Shield TV* (from 9: 25 pm), Moto X 2nd generation* (from 9:35), Huawei Mate 8* (from 9:45) Cubot X15* (from 11:19), Sony SmartWatch 3* (from 11: 39 hrs), Samsung Gear VR * (from 11:59 hrs), Huawei Watch Classic* (from 11:59 hrs), Cubot X15(from 12:19 hrs), Wileyfox Storm * (from 12:19 hrs), Cubot X12* (from 12:39 hrs), Ulefone Power Touch ID * (from 12:49 hrs), HOMTOM HT7 Pro * (ab 12:59), Ulefone Paris Arc HD * (from 13:14) and Withings Activite * (from 13:29)

If you suspect your account is not empty yet, it can go seamlessly after the lunch break. The following offers I could still discover for us: Elephone P9000* (from 13:49 ), Cubot Z100* (from 14:19), LG G5* (from 14:59), HOMTOM HT3* (from 15:14 aM), SanDisk 32 GB microSD*(from 15:29), PNY 64 GB microSD* (from 15:34), Sony Xperia XA*(from 15:39), Lenovo Moto G4* (from 15:54 aM), Lenovo Moto G4 Plus*(from 16:09), Ulefone PowerTouch ID*(from 16:09), Alcatel idol 4S*(from 16:24), Lexar 200GB microSD* (from 16:29 clock) and the  Samsung Galaxy S5 mini*(from 16:54 clock). Here at you can get more different models and styles.

Over the entire day, there are always recurring offers for Bluetooth speakers, batteries, camera accessories, FM transmitters, chargers, all kinds of cables, headsets of all colors, shapes and sizes, accessories and peripherals for sound systems, various televisions and so on,

Current Daily Offers

We had already mentioned in a different article about the daily offers, so there is the Fire TV Stick, the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, etc. much cheaper, in addition, films and series with 50% discount*on lending and/or buying offered.