Already Second cry for Help by Primark Seamstresses

Only a British sensation, which was a call for help on the label of her cheap dress from Primark – probably by a seamstress from Bangladesh. Now reports a second client to Word. The Irish textile discounter investigate both cases.

The summer dress cost less than 13 euro, that Rebecca Gallagher (25) bought at a branch of Irish textile discounter Primark in Swansea, South Wales, – a real bargain. Tighten it still probably never will the customer. The reason: searching for the washing instructions, she found the label on which the words “forced to work exhausting hours” (“I’m forced to work up to the point of exhaustion”) were embroidered.

The Briton told the “South Wales evening post” prompt from the call for help of the workers. Now volunteered for a second customer at the newspaper. She bought a top at Primark already 2013 “Gradening sweatshop conditions” (“degrading conditions an exploitative operation”) was stitched on its label. Primark investigate both cases at the moment.

“I’ve awakened no idea who has affixed the label in my dress, but it has me. I dread to think that my summer top was made possibly by a depleted person, is it slaving away down in a sweatshop”, said Gallagher to the” South Wales evening post “. “To be honest, I’ve thought never much, how my clothes”, Gallagher said. When the customer first Primark wanted to report the case, she waited 15 minutes in the telephone queue before she flew out of this.

The case of Gallagher, a spokesman for Primark to said: “we find it strange, that this incident only now come to light since this dress was already more than a year ago in the selloff. There were no other incidents regarding this article.” Primark also, stressed that’s member of the “ethical trade initiative”, which is fair treatment and good working conditions in the factories committed to. An official statement on the case does not exist so far however.

The textile giant Primark was several times for its low prices and the exploitation of workers in the criticism. The chain is one of the manufacturers that are also fashion from the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh. Here people in the collapse of the eight-story building complex died in the past year 1129.