4 Male Items in High and Worth Having, Bomber Jacket

This image is almost a modern man who dresses in casual yet elegant way! Are simple parts that anyone can have, and you don’t even have to use them at the same time, because these are versatile items and suitable for various occasions. Let’s talk about each one of them separately:

Four Male High Items That Are Worth Having

The fashion gives us many options, but there are some items that have everything to do with the time. Below we list 4 of them.

Bomber Jacket

The ideal is to get a bomber like the photo: the body, little bulky right and light, if your city is not too hot you will use it for most of the year and with a few adjustments will be able to take it to work and the ballad. You can find this type of product in fast fashion stores or online, just be patient on time to find, also the closeouts of winter can leave the play even more attractive.

In the booking site has some very interesting models, like that of the photo.

Want more ideas for wearing a bomber jacket. See here .

Striped Shirt

A few years ago joined the hall of basic items for men and since then never came out of the look, just take a look on Instagram or Pinterest to see that. Nothing against the t-shirt lisa traditional, but the stripes are great for capturing the look and when superimposed by a jacket, shirt or blazer not enough to extend the silhouette of someone who is overweight. And you don’t even have to be of those who play with the Bank and black to stay cool: marine, gray, wine and green moss on light background also work like a charm.

This shirt is of Redley and you can buy it here.

Lead-Grey Tailoring Pants

Another that looks like a recent discovery: use tailoring with casual pants. The mix of elegance and relaxation creates a visual hype that’s been doing the head of many people. To work best your pants you have to have a court set to body and impeccable finish, the fabric can be wool or poliviscose, but it’s good to make it clear that the natural fibre takes advantage, although more expensive.

These pants in the photo you can buy here.

White Sneakers

Are they of canvas or leather, it’s amazing how your presence changes the way we look at certain combinations, it looks like they add a lightness and youth that invigorates the look. The best thing here is that you don’t need anything flashy, the simpler the better and you can combine them with pants jogger basiconas or something more sophisticated.

This Adidas Stan Smith is on sale for R$279,99 on this site. Or you can choose other models here.

The Author’s Opinion:

None of these clothes is mandatory, because one of the principles of theMale Canal is not to be imposing, just suggesting what to wear, but I have most of the items above and find them extremely useful and a practicality. The only piece I don’t own is the bomber jacket, preferred an even simpler model that found in Zara for only 99 reais (got lucky in liquidation) and works as well as this jacket.